The Chaos

The Chaos

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Living Room Transformations

The worst part about taking my work sabbatical this summer in the middle of moving to a new state has been the boredom. I wish I could just relax and be okay with doing nothing but its not in my chemical make up to be comfortable with that. I need something to do, someplace to go, someone to hang out with. I know that those things will come with time. And honestly with just over six weeks left of my pregnancy, I should really savor the relaxation while I can. Instead, I find myself twiddling my thumbs on the couch everyday and focusing on household chores to keep me busy.

Monday evening as Michael, the kids, and I were playing Wii Sports following family dinner time, I mentioned how hot it was supposed to be the next day. I jokingly said, "we'll have to move the playtime indoors... we should have an inside beach party". I paused and thought to myself that it actually sounded like an excellent idea and thus, Tuesday's fun day idea was born.

The kids and I got up Tuesday morning and completed the day's chores in record time, got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed out to the store. We had several things still on our weekly grocery list to pick up and had added a few extras, to include fruits and ingredients for "beach snacks". We finished our shopping and headed home with our goodies, ready to transform the house into the Gaffner Beach.

The kids played in the living room all afternoon, bringing in Barbies and later their musical instruments. They jammed with a "Luau Party Music" CD, and even practiced their surfing on the couch cushions. The house was full of squeals of laughter from early afternoon to late evening. We concluded our beach day activities with a "beach room" screening of Backyardigans (the episode fittingly titled "Surf's Up"), dinner on the floor, and partaking in the yummy fruit treats that mommy worked hard on all day in the kitchen.

They heavily protested the arrival of bedtime though my aching pregnant back was ready to welcome it with joy. I counted it a successful "non-boring" day as we cleaned up the "beach" and put the living room back to Gaffner normal.

Being a mommy to this crew can be a challenge, in particular, this summer has been challenging for me. Yesterday, however, reminded me why I love what I do. Sure I am taking a ministry sabbatical, but I am not taking any break from motherhood. They are my number one priority and even if it takes a lot of creativity and extra planning... providing them with the best possible daily experiences is part of my job and responsibility. Both of which I accept with honor and pride. I am not saying that everyday we will be transforming the living room into some exotic getaway. But even on the days that feel more "boring" than others, we have one another to keep us busy and entertained and that's such a fun and exciting place to be.

Other parents out there reading this today, maybe we all need this reminder. Our kids love their time with us. We can be creating beach scenes or just cuddling on the couch. They don't care, they just want us. In the midst of your daily activities, take time to just enjoy your children as they are right this minute. It may seem like a boring, ordinary day but it is a day with our babies that we should treasure for all they are worth whether it includes surfing on the couches or individual playtime. Enjoy your children today! :)

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