The Chaos

The Chaos

Monday, November 1, 2010

How To Be a Super Hero

My normal "mom" uniform is comfortable and casual because spending all day with my kids requires that my attire be versatile and stain resistant. Cooking, cleaning, and playing, are all parts of the job description, which means this mommy is occasionally sweaty, messy, and always unkempt.

However, there are moments where being a mom requires a uniform of completely different proportions and styles. A uniform that is anything but "normal". A uniform that instantly gives me the ability to leap tall buildings, banish the world of evil doers, and effectively save the planet. A uniform fit for.......a Super Hero.

Being a Wonder Woman is not always as easy and glamorous as it looks.
As beautiful and powerful as I may be (insert sarcastic laugh here), it comes with great responsibility.
With my Chaos being "Wonder Woman" means that I must:
- clean the messes
- transport the masses
- kiss the boo boos
- institute the time outs
- wake with the alarm clock
- resound the bedtime alarm
- prepare the meals
- clothe the many bodies

And that's just the beginning.

Perhaps, you too lead a busy life and are wondering what it would take to achieve "super hero" status in the midst of your own chaos and scheduling mayhem.
Well... allow the Gaffner Chaos to teach you a thing or two about "How To Be a Super Hero".

You must have the appropriate Super Hero clothing.
There are many things to consider when searching for the "right" uniform for you.
Along with a variety of styles, colors, and extras, you must find the costume that fits your personality and talent as accurately as possible. Sometimes this requires the help of a seamstress. Luckily this Wonder Woman doubles as "costume designer" as well.

And don't forget the importance of good Super Hero accessories.

You should begin the search for a sidekick.
The sidekick is essential to Super Hero performance and success. So choose wisely.
Good sidekick qualities include, trust-worthiness, compatibility and of course... color coordination.


Discover your super hero talent/ability.
We are all gifted in completely different and awesome ways. Finding your specific super talent may be difficult but the search for it could lead you to new and exciting adventures.

Be acutely aware of your strengths.
Being a Super Hero is a tough responsibility and you should never underestimate your strength.
To do so could put those around you in horrible danger.

Know your enemies.
It is hard to fight for good and save the world when you are unaware of those that you should be "fighting".
A good superhero always determines who his/her arch enemy may be and acts accordingly.

Find your Super Hero Mate.
It may not be a requirement but it certainly relieves some of the Super Hero Stress. :-)
And sometimes it produces Super Hero off spring.

Once you have acquired your costume, know your ability, found a side kick and possibly a mate, determined your enemies, and are aware of your strengths.... you must perfect the Super Hero Stance, it is essential to your Super Hero repertoire.

Eighth.. and perhaps the Final key to Super Hero Success.
All Super Heroes have a family, whether it's blood related or not, they belong to a group of other like-minded Super Hero types. There is something to be said for the support and strength that you receive from being with those you call "yours". I am lucky to have a whole gaggle of Super Hero Chaos living in my house, I am truly SUPER blessed!

This marks the end of your "How To Be a Super Hero" edition of the Gaffner Chaos Blog.
As the representative of the Gaffner Justice League and author of this blog, I hope that your life is filled with Super Blessings, Super Happiness, Super Love, and some really awesome Super Hero outfits!

and ps.... look for the next blog, a lesson in how being a Christian is similar to these very steps on "How To Be a Super Hero".

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