The Chaos

The Chaos

Monday, June 13, 2011

Moving the Chaos

I am sure that my good intentions mean a lot to you blog readers but unfortunately those good intentions did not lead to frequent updates throughout this moving process. I found, unfortunately, that my life was completely and totally consumed with house hunting, packing, time with friends, etc. And blogging became a non-priority.

However, now that part one of moving  (packing the moving trucks) has been completed and part two (unloading the trucks) is well underway, I have some thoughts to share.

First of all.
Moving is the spawn of Satan.
Seriously, it's hectic... it's stressful... it's obviously exhausting. And in our case it seems to have lasted forever. With Michael gone during the week, the packing was left largely up to myself and my sister in law, Kelly, with some help from the kids.

Second of all.
Househunting from six hours away is extraordinarily difficult. It can be done but it's no easy task and requires endless hours of online hunting, communication with realtors, and exploration.

Third of all.
We have too much stuff.
I'm an anti-hoarder. I get rid of anything and everything. In fact, my kids and husband would probably declare me a nuisance. And yet... when it came time to move. We found that we still had TOO much.

After filling up one 24 foot moving truck, we found ourselves with an additional 14 foot moving truck... plus two vehicle haulers. Of course we ARE moving eight (almost nine) people. It makes sense that moving such a group would be as big a task as it was.... and yet. Stuff is stuff. And stuff is heavy. And moving is expensive!

And in the middle of all that stuff and all the loading, this is what I learned.
Stuff may be a necessity, or at least some stuff may seem like a necessity.
But people are more important.

I wish I could have packed up all of the people that have meant so much to us at Ringgold.

And as Michael and Kelly pulled out in the moving trucks, I thought how thankful I was for them and how much more their safety meant to me than any of the stuff that crowded up those trucks.

You could get rid of everything in our house, leave us with absolutely nothing.
But as long as I had my husband and my children... I know that I could be happy and comfortable whether we are in Virginia, Maryland, or Timbuktu.

So as we move our chaos this week... I need to keep it all in perspective even when I feel tired, stressed, and thoroughly through with all hope of patience. Because when all is said and done. I'm blessed because of this crazy mess and thankful for it on even the craziest of days.

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