The Chaos

The Chaos

Friday, April 1, 2011

Where did the "Fools" come from?

Ah, it's the First of April.
Time for everyone to joke and prank.

Ever wonder why we celebrate so many strange and unusual holidays here in America?
We have things like Valentine's Day, St. Patricks Day, and of course April Fools Day.

I always find it interesting to look for the origination of these days because... well because I'm just not a follower and I like to be informed.

Apparently the origins of today are not specific. Some believe it to be related to the replacing of the Julian Calendar with the Gregorian. It seems that the "new year" actually started around April 1st for the Romans. However, this explanation doesn't quite account for why Europeans were celebrating this day even before the institution of the Gregorian calendar. Another explanation stems from the changing of the seasons and that the day is celebrated as way of "marking" the vernal equinox and welcoming spring.

But my favorite explanation comes from that of the reign of Constantine. This great ruler was being entertained by a group of jesters who comically stated that they could rule the empire better than he. Humored at the thought, he reportedly gave one of the jesters named Kugel the opportunity to be ruler for a day. And in that day of authority, Kugel declared that the day would be a day of absurdity. And what day was that? Well April the First, of course.

This explanation makes me giggle and I like it the best. I like it because it is a reminder that we just shouldn't take ourselves so seriously.

As a mommy I find myself stressed to the max some days over really ridiculous things like trash on the floor, dirty laundry scattered throughout the house, or the kids being extra loud. Sometimes I just take myself too seriously. Constantine was an emperor but if this story is true... then it's refreshing to think that he might have had a sense of humor and the ability to lighten up a bit.

So today you may be driven to points of insanity by all the "APRIL FOOLS" exclamations, but just lighten up. Not everything in life has to be so serious!


  1. And just to be clear. There are several other possibilities, these were just a few of the possible originations of this day. Interesting stuff.

  2. I agree! I need to lighten up...,a lot lol