The Chaos

The Chaos

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New Journey Begins

Being a grown up carries with it a weight of responsibility that is often times overwhelming and anxiety driven. At least once a week I feel exasperated to the point of deep sighs and sometimes tears. I don't reach that point of exhaustion because my life is so difficult, but for the same reasons that you probably reach those same moments. Sometimes you just wish you could be less responsible, less mature, less stressed.... even on a good day.

I would love an "Adult Kid Day". A day to play, eat cookies for breakfast, make messes that I don't clean up, and just laugh until I fall asleep. That's the kind of exhaustion I would gladly welcome. And keep your eyes peeled for my declaration of such a day. You know you'll want to join me! :)

In the meantime, life is full of adult responsibilities and adult decisions.
For the Gaffner Chaos, our life has been consumed for the last several months with the possibility of an intense decision that would radically change our family life. Being a grown up may have it's difficulties, but we have found since February of this year that when our decisions are motivated and guided by our Heavenly Father, they are much easier to make.

After an intense interview process and months of waiting and praying, Michael accepted a promotion within Sears. It's an amazing opportunity that these two adult members of the Gaffner Chaos would have never expected in a million years. It's an opportunity for Michael to do what he loves, training. It's an opportunity to make more money for our growing family, an opportunity for me to take a ministry sabbatical, and an opportunity for Michael to be home a little more often. That last part is something this Chaos needs more than anything.

The easy part of such a decision? I mean it's a no-brainer. All the positive aspects of moving and a new job, it just makes sense.

The hard part of such a decision? It's never easy to say "bye". We find ourselves feeling excited and sad all at the same time.

So the Gaffner's faced a very adult decision and we feel positive that we have come to the conclusion that is best for our chaotic crew. That being said, this blog will become a document of our journey....... from Southside Virginia to Central Maryland. It is sure to be an interesting journey, stay tuned!

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