The Chaos

The Chaos

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Views from the Hammock

This spring I have discovered the joys of the hammock.

It is a beautiful thing, this thing called the hammock.
It allows for supreme outdoor relaxation. It is truly a springtime luxury.

I'm not sure if my new found love and appreciation is due in part to being pregnant or just learning to appreciate the finer points of "me" time, rest, and calm.

I find myself longing to be outside on beautiful sunny days, enjoying the comforts of a gentle swing in our spacious front yard. It is teaching me quite a lot about the importance of taking the opportunity to just breathe.

So much of our lives are spent hastily rushing to the next event or activity. We allow the peaceful God given moments to slip right past us as we hurry to beat our own personal clocks. But the view from the hammock, is quite different. It's about slowing down, gaining proper perspective, taking time to

Whether you have a hammock or not, there's a wide world of beauty and rest out there that is available for you to experience. All you have to do is take a step back and view the world from the comfortable seat of the front yard spring time hammock.

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