The Chaos

The Chaos

Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh to be a kid again...

My life is much different from that of my 25 year old sister. Lately she comically stated through a series of her facebook statuses that she was having an "adult day" by taking care of several tasks that required a fair share of responsibility. Reading her status one day I started wondering if it would be possible for me to have a "kid day".

Think about it, our kids are spoiled rotten. At least I know mine are. My boys wake up in the morning and expect to do nothing more than spend a day of snacking, playing, yelling, napping, and cuddling.

Dean care free in his boots (picture taken by Devon Ellis)
 My girls wake up in the morning and expect to do nothing more than head to school, chat with friends, come home and play, and head to bed. Parents on the other hand spend an entire day worried, stressed, and exhausted from working, to do lists, household chores, paying bills, running errands, and keeping the kids in line.

I started thinking about it one day last week. What would a "kid day" for me look like?
For starters it would involve cookies... for breakfast.
No laundry, no dishes, no sweeping, no cleaning.
I would play in the sun, dance in the rain, or just lay on the grass watching the clouds roll by.
I would color a picture to hang on the fridge or read a book just for fun.
My afternoon would involve a nap, an ice cream snack, and absolutely NO errands.
I would go to bed without a care about the toys on the floor, folding clothes, or worrying about dishes in the sink.
A kid day for me would be.... refreshing.

Christopher enjoying his own "kid day" (picture taken by Devon Ellis)

So why not give it a shot?
I told Michael during the first part of my pregnancy that I would like to take a "break" night when my morning sickness was through. I know that he works just as hard but I also know that there are days when my brain never stops rolling with my list of things to do and people to care for and sometimes in the midst of all that I forget to take care of myself. I am sure no other moms EVER do that (sarcasm alert!).

So the date has been set. This mommy is taking her KID DAY the week after Easter. On Tuesday, April 26th I am checking into a local hotel and I'm vegging out, watching movies, swimming in the pool, eating junk food, taking an afternoon nap, eating ice cream for dinner, and going to bed early to catch some extra long "zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's". I declare April 26, 2011 KATIE's ACT LIKE A KID DAY.

When will you declare yours? You may not have to leave home to do it, maybe you can have your "kid day" right at home in the midst of your very own chaos. But how refreshing to think that you could for one day forget about what it means to be an adult. In the midst of our lives full of responsibility and decisions, it can't be a bad idea to take a day "off" and just enjoy life free from stress and hassle. You may not be able to leave your house but maybe it would be just as refreshing for your own kids to see you let down your hair and just enjoy the moment with them.

Just a thought.

As we begin our moving journey I know that this mommy needs the break to feel rejuvenated and ready for the tasks ahead in the next six weeks. So take a day "off" with me! We won't regret it, I promise!

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