The Chaos

The Chaos

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Power of a Good Woman

I cannot help but write one more blog in 2010 that contains a Dean Kelly story. The foundation of my blog writing began with the stories that my children give me on a daily basis. Those who know us personally know that there is never a dull moment, how can there be, there's eight of us under one roof!

Though Christmas has drawn to a close, I find it only fitting to also bring my blog posting for 2010 to a close with a story brought to you courtesy of the Gaffner/Biggs Christmas Eve festivities.

As we gathered around the living room floor following our annual sugar cookie fiasco late Christmas Eve night, Michael opened up the Bible and we walked through the Christmas story. We were given a beautiful game/story book called "What God wants for Christmas" that allows your children to walk through the story, answering questions, and learning more about the characters of the Nativity. The culmination of the game is in the last little box to open. My children were gathered around in anxious anticipation to see what might be in that little box that God would want for Christmas. God, after all, made everything. What could there be that He doesn't have?

My kiddos are smart and had actively participated in the story, answering questions, and marveling over the pieces of the Nativity scene. When we reached the last box of the game, I dramatically lifted it up and said to them "what do you think God wants for Christmas"?
Sierra said, "baby Jesus".
Tyler said, "our praise".
Dean said, "a WIFE".

We dissolved into laughter.
Dean always knows how to make us giggle.

Of course my first thought was the Dean knew the importance of a good woman.
Michael pointed out the deep theological meaning that as Christians we are referred to as the "Bride" in scripture.

Of course I think Dean was just being silly.

But the point remains, a good woman is hard to come by.
It is hard being a wife and a mother.
Especially when you are a wife and mother in ministry.
You receive ridicule, criticism and advice even when you didn't ask for it

Being a woman after God's heart, is even harder.
It means laying down selfish pride, ignoring the critics, pursuing God no matter what, and always putting your family's needs first.

I hope that my boy will find a woman that is willing and able to do that for him one day (and if you remember correctly he did give me permission to find his wife for him). In the meantime it is my prayer that I can be a positive example of a wife and mother that loves her Lord and her family and is supremely devoted to both.

What did God want for Christmas?
He wanted you, me.... us.

So I guess Dean was right. God does want a wife. He wants this wife and mother of the Gaffner Chaos to love Him unconditionally, serve Him unashamedly, and joyfully proclaim His name in my home and in my life.

God is pretty easy to please. :-)

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