The Chaos

The Chaos

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Eve, a story of Thankfulness

Twas the night before Thanksgiving at the Gaffner place
The pies were cooking, they would be ready to taste.

The children were helpful and full of big smiles
They even got along, for just a little while.

The girls helped their mommy, with the chores and baking.
While the boys were outside, taking care of the raking.

By the end of the day the house smelled of spices,
And this mommy decided her family's the nicest. :-)

(The end of this mildly and briefly adapted version.)

Thanks for reading my Thanksgiving countdown this week.
I know that I routinely take inventory of the blessings that surround me, and I hope that as you embarked on this week of Thanksgiving that you took a few moments to reflect on life and its many gifts and have been able to find those things worth being "thankful" for, even in the seemingly smallest details of your life.

Today as I baked with my daughters and the boys were outside raking, I was quite honestly just thankful for them. I know that sounds cheesy and way too "picture" perfect to conclude this week of thankfulness. But it's true. Watching them work together, laugh at each other, and enjoy the fellowship of being a family... well it was worth all the fights, the messes, the Heimlich, the adventures, and the exhaustion of this week before Thanksgiving.

Whatever has happened to you this week, month, or year... it's time to find something to be thankful for and even at the end of a week when my patience is spent and my hair is nearly pulled out, I am thankful for our busy house and noisy chaos. I fell in love with my family all over again today... and the smell of Pumpkin Pie in the air, well that didn't hurt either. :)

Happy Thanksgiving.... Merry pie eating to all, and to all a Good Night.

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