The Chaos

The Chaos

Monday, November 8, 2010

Creating "Happy Ever Afters"

Once upon a time...

I love those four words.
They instantly create a canvas of endless possibilities.
They bring visions of castles, princesses, and happy ever afters.
They are four powerful words that can paint the picture of a life of joy or sorrow.

Every moment that we breathe we are creating parts of our own story. We are painting a picture with the very thoughts, words, and deeds of our everyday lives. Today, you are living the very story that you may one day tell to future generations.

I have to admit, most days I am not quite as aware of this poetic truth. It is hard to imagine how today's diaper changing and laundry folding will become tomorrow's precious memory. But it's true. Things in our world change so rapidly that it is hard to slow down and enjoy the moments for all they are worth. We push through the "to do" lists of today and when our head hits the pillow, we are already busily planning the activities of tomorrow.

This past Sunday our church celebrated an "Old Fashioned Religion Day". Congregants dressed in attire from decades past, the service was permeated with antique songs of worship, and the sermon was born of "fire and brimstone". There was an excitement in the air as we all "played" along and enjoyed the change in normal Sunday morning routine.

My family joined in the fun, channeling the likes of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the "Little House on the Prairie" days. Of course our bundle of chaos did not experience that unique era in American history first hand. But we do have our own precious memories, our own stories and moments that we hold dear. In fact, I would like to think that many of our recent escapades will become part of their own "once upon a time".

What are you creating in your house?
I think we create moments on a regular basis, moments worth saving and retelling. We create memories that one day we will relive through the magic of family gatherings and obnoxious laughter. We may dress up in our old costumes or maybe we will live through the wonder of family photographs.

Either way, the Gaffners will certainly take our own walk down memory lane and I hope that the stories that we recall will remind us how blessed we are to have each other in this crazy chaotic life.

Happy ever after doesn't just happen.
Go create some moments in your family worth retelling!

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