The Chaos

The Chaos

Monday, November 8, 2010

A few chaos additions...

In the last month I have introduced you to the members of the Gaffner Chaos, detailing the personalities of each of the Gaffner's from youngest to oldest. Our family is anything but normal with the words "dull" and "quiet" never used to describe this household. Our blended family scenario is a representation of the 21st Century American family with our own additions and craziness that make us unique. And this past summer we entered an even newer arena of "different" when we welcomed two new members to the family chaos.

August of this year my sister in law and nephew officially moved into our cozy home in rural Virginia. After a few days of massive reorganization, decluttering, and unpacking we managed to make a small two story farmhouse into a joint family home that now accommodates five children and three adults.

Some may think that such a living arrangement is crazy.
It is most definitely "different" but being abnormal is part of the Gaffner definition of family.
So allow me to introduce you to our two new additions.

Meet Kelly Marie Biggs... aka Super Woman.

My sister-in-law Kelly is an amazing woman that has battled hardships that most would have never attempted to fight. She is brave and strong and most importantly compassionate. The love that she gives to my children never ceases to fill my heart with joy. Kelly routinely makes me laugh, motivates me to exercise regularly and has a touch of OCD which means the house is almost always in good clean shape! I count it a privilege to be sharing this part of our lives with Kelly.

When I was a teenager and felt God calling me to full time youth ministry, I never would have imagined that my home would become my own personal ministry. Of course I never imagined having four of my very own children. At the present time, only one of my Gaffner Chaos fits the bill of the "teenager" and that is Tyler our "almost there" pre-teen. But this summer meant not just the addition of a Super Woman sister-in-law but also the addition of my teenager nephew, Cayd.

Meet Cayd Edward Biggs.

Cayd is a 14 year old high school freshman that fits into our chaos quite perfectly. He and Sierra fight like brother and sister, he plays with Dean, and babies Christopher, while he and Tyler busy themselves with their teenage electronics. Cayd is intelligent and inventive with a wacky sense of humor. He is not a follower, prefers to set his own "trend" and carries himself with unique confidence. He may get an occasional eye-roll from his Aunt Katie but he also makes me laugh. He gives great hugs and his place in the Gaffner chaos is one that continues to mature and develop as he grows into a young man.

Kelly and Cayd moved in and our lives have adapted to accommodate our two families. Our house is always busy, always loud, sometimes messy, most of the time chaotic but there is something sweet and loving in the midst of it all. Being a part of this 21st Century family means reaching beyond what others consider to be normal and paving our own way.

So the Gaffner Chaos continues on our quest for "different".
We are succeeding. :)

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