The Chaos

The Chaos

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Chaos Origins

On Thanksgiving of 2010 my family of six plus two packed into our vehicles, hauling pumpkin pies and stuffing from one side of our Southside community to the other to gather with my family, the Lancaster's. Papa and Nana prepared much of the other trimmings along with help from my sister and brother and their significant others. All in all we managed to squeeze fourteen of us into my dad's comfy cottage for a time of delicious diet-ruining food consumption.

My family may not be as crazy as some but we certainly put the "fun" in dysfunctional, as the saying goes. However psychologically challenged we may be, we always manage to have a great time of laughter, especially when there is food involved. The Lancaster/Kennedy clans are not known for modelesque physiques. Food is their forte. Thanksgiving, therefore, is a time of blissful family quality time. This year was no exception.

My dad and mom are an interesting pair. As a child I would have said that mama was the strict one. She was quick to discipline and had lungs of steel. Seriously, she could yell through the house and make your eardrums rumble. Daddy on the other hand, was not so vocal but when daddy gave you the look, everyone in the house knew he meant business. I guess they were a perfect complement for one another. My mom was the clean freak, daddy the cook. Mom the spender, daddy the saver. Every opposite you can imagine, that was and still is my parents. My mom started to suffer from chronic health issues when I was ten, but it never stopped them from treating us to great vacations and lavish Christmas gifts... well as lavish as they could get for a preacher's family. My two siblings and I were always in the spotlight being pastor's kids with plenty of adopted grandparents at every church my dad served. Our life was not perfect, but it wasn't bad either. I have no complaints, it made me what I am today. But that's not to say that we don't carry with us some pretty hysterical stories of mishap and mayhem that colored our days when we were the Lancaster Chaos.

My dad, Rev. Rick Lancaster and my mom, Marcia Lancaster.

I am the oldest of my little clan of Lancaster's. My sister is three years younger and my brother two years younger than her. We were spoiled rotten, they still are. (Okay, maybe I am too.) The Lancaster house was always loud and full of activity... hmm reminds me of another house of chaos. We had imaginations that would make J.K. Rowling envious and created entire worlds of afternoon entertainment. We fought then played. Then played and fought some more. We were typical siblings. Life was good.

(Left to  Right) Me, my brother Jackie, my sister Jessica

He loves me, don't let him fool you.

My parent's three reasons for lunacy.
And this past week at my parent's house enjoying a Thanksgiving meal, I was all smiles as we enjoyed a family full of chaos, in-laws included. Honestly, even in the midst of temporary set backs and frustrations, I think it's safe to say that life still IS good.

My origins are probably not much different than yours. We all come from imperfect families filled to the brim with imperfect people. But family is a beautiful thing, even with all it's imperfections. I am thankful that I have the privilege and honor of passing down the chaos tradition to my kids. May their homes always be loud and messy and may they be blessed to have children that drive them crazy.

The Lancaster Chaos.

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