The Chaos

The Chaos

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Introducing the Chaos Daddy

Reading my blog you may have learned something already.
I love my family.
On a daily basis I run through all the extreme emotions, ranging from joy to frustration, but at the end of the day... I usually round it out feeling pretty blessed. Especially when after a day of sweeping up constant crumbs, picking of littered laundry, and managing the chaos spats and tumbles.... I get to spend my evenings with a man who loves me even when I'm covered in kid mess.

Our home wouldn't be the same without Michael, the Chaos Daddy.

I met Michael in August of 2002 online. Yes. Online.
We met face-to-face in October of 2002 and the rest is.... well.... it's history.
But it's more than just history, it's the present and the future of my family all wrapped up in one man.
Michael was raising his daughter Tyler while living with his mother in Perry, Michigan when we first began our journey together. Almost two years later to the date, we were married and well on our way to starting our family in Virginia. And that "history" has carried us into 2010 where our family has experienced new additions, ups, downs, and complete turn arounds. Our present and future are molded by our past and carried by the relationship between Michael and myself.

Michael and I are similar and yet polar opposites.
He's staunchly conservative and his veins run with Republican blood. I'm more moderate and to some extent, "liberal". He speaks without thinking first, and I over-analyze every thought and action. He's wild and daring, while I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat. He's a pessimist. I'm optimistic. And those are just the tip of the iceberg of our differences. But we redeem ourselves because we are both stubborn, both leaders, both opinionated, and both compassionate. All but the latter is also what fuels any marital "discussions".

Despite the things that may cause disagreements, Michael as my opposite has very much completed who I am and made me a better person. It's not often that you find someone who can honestly be strong when you're weak, that can speak up when you're quiet, and offer support when you are falling apart. But I have Michael. When you're busy managing Chaos like I am, that kind of back up is priceless.

But he's so much more than just the daddy or just the husband.
He is the leader of our household, some days whether he wants that job or not.
The kids adore him, long to play with him, and revel in cuddle time with him.
He can always make them laugh, make them feel safe, and offer a giant daddy hug and kiss when a band-aid just ain't making the "boo boo" feel better.
He plays as hard as they do, sometimes even harder.

He can be a big kid, but he never loses their respect and admiration.

Michael works hard to support our family, which isn't an easy task.
He sacrifices his time off to give me breaks and honestly, even when I am frustrated with him, I cannot deny how little I could accomplish without the help of my Michael.

But have no fear, this man is not just measured by his wife and children. He has interests that reach beyond our household, a life beyond the chaos.

Michael likes
- causing extreme pain by paintball
- killing you kindly with sarcasm
- torturing the family with bad 80's comedies
- singing loudly to bad hair metal
- baking amazingly bad for you no-bake-cookies
- staying up late to laugh with his wife
- morning cuddles with his babies
- finding random "diners, drive ins, and dives" to feast on
- muscle cars that rumble
- relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon with his wife and kids
- chewy fruity candy

I have been chaotically married to Michael Louis Gaffner for six years and I cannot imagine the craziness that awaits us next. But I do know that with Michael by my side, we will weather any storm with laughs, knowing that all the chaos is worth the blessings.

And that is a Michael spotlight.