The Chaos

The Chaos

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chaos Spotlight- The Baby

The final Gaffner child "Chaos Spotlight" rests with Christopher Warren, the most recent addition to the Chaos, born on May 1st of 2009. Christopher was unexpected (but when you really aren't planning or preventing, all children are unexpected)! The surprise only added to the excitement as our house prepared to welcome our 4th blessing and to officially become an "abnormal" American family. Look around you, not many women are members of the "mom of 4 or more" club. However abnormal we may be, we have created our own version of "normality".

Christopher was the missing piece to that picture of normal in our household. He evened out our family as Michael and I were now the parents of two girls and two boys, a quite perfect combination for us.

The girls adjusted to the new baby with little effort, they are after all, little "mama's" themselves. Dean took a little more persuasion but it didn't take long for them to all accept their roles in our growing family. For the most part, Christopher did the things all babies do.... eat, sleep, poop, and occasionally cry. But gradually his personality began to shine through.

He was the easiest of all three of my infants. He slept in his own bed, made his own schedule, and slept through the night by 6 weeks. He was all in all, a great baby. He watched and observed his brother and sisters, you could tell he was paying special attention, learning and scheming.  He was (and still is) always smiling and very friendly. He is his own person, not quite like his siblings.

The first 8 months of his life, he stayed where he was put. He played with what was near him.
He was just a sweet little blob of fuzzy headed baby.

Then he became mobile.

And the Gaffner house was never the same again.

It sounds ominous but it's true. The first few months of observation proved to be all that he needed to become the most rambunctious, daring, and independent of the four children. Christopher has scared me more times than all the other kids combined with his dangerous dives and skillful climbing abilities. But how can you resist those big baby blues. Don't you know there's no use trying to punish or discipline the baby!

No matter how mischievous or daredevil he may be, he's still cute and cute always trumps trouble.
For now, at least.
At some point I may have to learn to discipline him!

However, at this moment in time he is milking the whole "baby thing" for all its worth. And I must say, he plays his part in this family very well. He has us all wrapped around his little finger. And has his mobility and verbal skills increase, it becomes more and more evident that Christopher is unique and in our family, unique is good.

And just in case anyone asks.... these are some of Christopher's favorite things:
- food (of any kind of variation)
- pacifiers
- baby soft fleece blankets
- playing with his brother
- screaming at his mother
- going "OUT"
- being cute

And that is a Christopher spotlight (with far too many pictures... but I am sure you don't mind).


  1. I hope you meant that last picture as a tribute/memorial to those shoes. Despite the fact that the boy refuses to acknowledge that he DOES know my name, he might turn out to be my favorite youngest nephew.
    (Don't tell your next one I said that.)

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  3. ahhhhh yes.
    Blog world, you must know the story behind these shoes.

    They are Robeez knockoff's found at Target. These are my favorite baby shoes and the only thing that Christopher had on his feet all summer and into the first of October.
    Last weekend, however, they were officially "laid to rest".

    On Thursday of that week, I allowed my sons to play in large puddles of rain water and Christopher's shoes were soaked. They are leather, leather does not dry well.
    I laid them on top of the Durango on Friday afternoon to dry in the sun, but alas.... dry, they did not.

    Michael took my boys and Sierra to my parents for the evening and while there my dad decided that his shoes were not dry enough to wear and in order to dry them... he stuck them into the microwave.

    Yes, the microwave.

    And now they are no longer "wearable"... so this picture is in memory of the shoes that are no more, thanks to Papa.

    Jessa, he CAN say your name, he said it for me yesterday AND today.. hehe :)

  4. it,s m0mma;you never cease to amaze me. you need to write a book. i admire you as a mother and a very talented young woman. i want thank you for all0wing your daddy and i. i love you so much and extemely proud of you.i can,t wait to see what else the Lord has planned for you.sugar cane and lolliepops. good night