The Chaos

The Chaos

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brothers.... little boy drama

Sierra and Tyler walk out the door at exactly 7:30am every morning.
They catch the bus and begin the busy school day.

Mom... aka me... stays at home with two little boys.

We all know that the difference between boys and girls is far more complicated than mere biological differences. There is a difference in independence and dependence. They play differently, talk differently, and expect more or less attention. I suppose every house is different but in our house, the girls are pretty high maintenance. My girls NEED my full attention when they are home. Sierra, in particular, has to be in the exact same personal space as her mommy at all times. You can imagine the difficulties that I face with such a princess of a daily shadow. My boys, on the other hand, like to play on their own. Some mornings they hardly speak to me as they go about the business of playtime.

And then there are mornings like yesterday... mornings of intense toddler disagreement and unfortunate sharing debacles.

Yesterday started off like any other day.
My boys were awake by 8:30am and ready for their healthy and delicious breakfast of choice, poptarts and milk. Soon after leaving a trail of poptart crumbs from the kitchen to the front door, the toys began to fly.

Just in case you were wondering... once Dean sits a toy down, Christopher's baby radar goes off to notify him of the toy's availabilty and he leaves what he is doing in order to pick up the exact toy that Dean believes he absolutely cannot live or play without. Insert complete and total meltdown here.

Yesterday's toy of choice? A Diego figurine. This toy was the holy grail of toys in the Gaffner house from approximately 9:03am to 10:50am. After screams, bites, and a full on toddler boy rumble, it was mommy to the rescue. I broke up the riot, had toys thrown at me and after giving time outs, the chaos settled to a dull hum.

They sat down for a morning movie viewing of "Night at the Museum" and had a fantastic toddler conversation regarding "gunkas" (aka Dinosaurs). And that my friends is the hallmark difference between boys and girls. The fight. They get over it. They are best friends again. All in a matter of minutes.

Being home with my boys is a sweet, sometimes rowdy, always chaotic, blessing. :)


  1. Love this Katie!!! The pics are so cute, that building is where my mom lives and I love all the great spots for a cute pic!!!!!

  2. I know, I LOVE that spot for pictures. I think the pics I took there are some of my favorites of the kids right now. :)

  3. THAT, my dear dil...IS the difference between boys & girls!!! And, shall continue from this day the story!