The Chaos

The Chaos

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Backordered Stories

Taking an extended break from blogging gives me many stories on "backorder".
Chaos takes no break guys, no break at all.

Even though our world was upside down for many months, that doesn't put a stop to crazy stories and laughter filled moments in our family life.

Queue silly pictures.

We took a dive into our new life here in North Carolina and we are adjusting with grace and smiles. Between school schedules, joining the local YMCA, activities and meetings with our local MOPS group, and finding a great church to attend during the week.... we are busy, finding a balance, and acclimating ourselves to a new routine.

We have celebrated Michael's 35th birthday, had a weekend of visitors, spent time decorating our new home, and spending our days in basic chaos. Between living room fort construction, dangerous furniture jumping, first black eyes, and administering the Heimlich (yeh that was scary), life has moved forward and forward is good.

Stories are plenty, laughter is abundant, and love is consuming.
North Carolina, I think we love you.

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