The Chaos

The Chaos

Monday, May 9, 2011

Every Good Adventure Starts with Chocolate

This past Sunday as many celebrated Mother's Day with picnics, cookouts, and family gathering time... I celebrated by departing on an adventurous trip with my three boys. Three of the best men in my life (aka, Michael, Dean, and Christopher) pulled out of our driveway at 3:45pm, headed for Pennsylvania.

Michael started training for his new job last week and this week his training takes place in Harrisburg. We are still desperately in search for the Gaffner's new dwelling place, so the boys and I accompanied Michael on this trip to do some house hunting. Travelling is not my favorite thing, especially with toddlers. Christopher was notably unhappy by about 8:30pm Sunday evening. I was exceptionally uncomfortable, being pregnant makes traveling worse. But I was trying to put on a "happy face" for my boys.

I informed them upon our departure that we were going on an "Adventure". It's true, we were headed to places that neither me or Michael had been before. I told Dean we were going to have a fun and exciting time. Dean quickly informed me that it couldn't be an adventure because we weren't on a boat. Point well taken.

Adventure or not, we finally arrived at our riverside hotel by 11pm and happily settled in for the night.

Great adventures await us this week, of that I am sure.
I miss my girls terribly and I know they'll be jealous of this "mini-vacation" that their brothers are experiencing. But it won't be all fun and games.... just some of it. :)

Okay so a lot of it WILL be fun and games, would you expect anything less from four of the six members of the Gaffner Chaos? I decided since tomorrow will be all about the "Great House Hunt"... today would be all about some fun sightseeing.

And truly, every good adventure starts with chocolate!

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