The Chaos

The Chaos

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making an Impression

I mentioned in a previous blog that I was going to have the opportunity to speak at the Senior High Retreat Weekend at Eagle Eyrie. I spoke on Saturday morning right around 9am in front of about 560 students plus adults.

It was my first experience in front of a crowd that large and I must say, I wasn't nervous at all.
It was invigorating and just plain fun.

I am not sure how "good" the message actually was. Though I did manage to make the crowd laugh several times. The message wasn't deep, and I now wish I would have dug in a little deeper. But it had a point. The point being... that we make first impressions on those that we meet. But we have the opportunity to make lasting impressions. The question is, what kind of impression are you making? Are you positively impacting those around you like the four guys did with their paralyzed friend in Mark, chapter 2?

Take a look at my devotional.
It's not awesome but it was my first attempt and I guess it's not too shabby.

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