The Chaos

The Chaos

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who is that girl I see...

First thing in the morning I try to avoid mirrors. My face before my breakfast Diet Coke is a sight for sore eyes. I avoid my reflection like the plague. Even so, without looking at myself at the dawn of each day I believe I could give you a fairly good description of what you might encounter if you ran into me in the am hours. You would be face to face with dark circles under tired eyes and a mountain of tangled black hair resembling the aftermath of a small rodent fight. I could accurately describe this to you because I have frightened myself before with a quick morning glance. It was scary and yet memorable.

I dare say that you could vividly describe to me your facial features without the aid of a mirror or other reflection. Why? Because you know yourself.

James, Chapter 1, states that "a person who merely listens to the Word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at himself in the mirror and then turns around immediately forgetting what he looks like" (paraphrased from verses 22-24). In other words.... to read God's word and not obey it is, well.. it's dumb. Because honestly who looks at themselves and then walks away forgetting what they looked like? Even my youngest child recognizes the "baby" in the mirror. It's foolish to think that someone would forget that quickly. 

And yet how often do you read scripture and then go about your day pretending as if God and His guidance and commands don't even exist?

God's word tells us not to worry about tomorrow and yet we stress over mundane details.
God's word tells us to trust in Him, and yet we place more trust in money and government.
God's word tells us to love our neighbor and yet we gossip, backstab, and ridicule.
God's word tells us to flee from sin and yet we openly walk into tempting situations.
God's word tells us to always be prepared to share His message and yet we shut down and shut up in the face of opportunity.
God's word tells us to GO and preach the Gospel and yet we get comfortable and stay, becoming stagnant and apathetic.
God's word tells us not to judge and yet we spend countless hours pointing fingers at everyone but ourselves.

Obviously we have forgotten our reflection.
I guess it is time to bite the bullet and see what I look like.
Our reflection is sometimes frightening but God's Word motivates me to make the changes that I need to make so that I am not merely a "hearer" but a "doer" of His Word as well.

What do you look like today? Time for an introspective peak.

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