The Chaos

The Chaos

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chaos Spotlight- The Drama Queen

Every family needs at least one drama queen, diva, princess.... spoiled rotten.... sweet, little girl.
Sierra Lynn fills that job description in the Gaffner house.

She was my first baby and I have to admit that a majority of her spoiledness (is that word?) is all my fault.
Her big sister was 6 when she was born and already in school. And when her daddy went to work, it was just Sierra and mommy. I held her constantly. She had no set naptimes or bedtimes. She slept in my arms during the day and in our bed at night. She went everywhere I went and did everything I did. I spoke to her like she was an adult and dressed her like she was a babydoll. For her first 20 months of life, she was treated like a princess. Then Dean was born and the drama queen emerged.

Five years later, Sierra follows behind me so closely some days that our shadows merge together and I cannot stop without having a little head run into my backside. She doesn't play alone and would prefer to sit and do whatever it is I am doing, even if that means she helps me clean. She is my mini-me, right down to the drama filled life.

Sierra loves her siblings but she loves them more when they give her control and let things go her way.
She talks non-stop and when things aren't perfect, she can cry at the drop of a hat. 
But being a drama queen isn't all negative or bad.

Of our four children, Sierra is the most tender-hearted. Her eyes tear up at sad movies and she is moved to sadness when others suffer tragedy or illness. Sierra is my daughter who upon hearing that a friend of hers was in the hospital asked if we could stop and pray right that moment. She argues over the opportunities to pray for meals and talks about loving God and Jesus on a regular basis. She is all girl, all drama, but all herself. She doesn't fit into any particular mold but is uniquely Sierra.

Miss Uniquely Sierra started Kindergarten this fall and her time of endless days as mommy's shadow came to an end. She happily scoots out the door every morning and comes home every afternoon with a smile on her face. Before you feel too badly for her mommy, she usually finds her way back as faithful companion to her mom and makes sure to get her toes stepped on once or twice every evening. :)

And lest I forget... some of the diva's favorite things:
- sparkly shoes
- pink, purple, and anything girly colored
- talking on the phone
- playing on the iPod
- watching Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana
- going to the "popcorn theater" aka the movies
- singing in children's choir at church
- going on dates with her daddy or papa
- staying overnight in a hotel
- shopping, shopping, shopping

Sierra. Our 5 year old drama queen.
But shhhhhhhhh......... there's a closet "goofball" living inside her drama queen self.

I look forward to every moment with my baby girl whether it's Sierra the goof or Sierra the princess.
Everyday with Sierra (and all my children) is a blessing.

And that is a Sierra Spotlight.


  1. little mini-me is sooooo cute!!! :) She is a little drama queen for sure!!! I miss her sooo much!!

  2. She misses YOU too, she could so be your sister. I love you Ashley!