The Chaos

The Chaos

Thursday, July 9, 2009

With Faith Like a Child

Tyler turned 11 on the 4th of July.

That's amazing to me, that she could already be so close to the teen years. In just two short years she will be an official "teenager". And this time next year she'll be about to join the youth group at church. That's bizarre!

When Michael and I first started dating, Tyler was barely 4 years old. She was so tiny and more interested in playing Barbies than grooving to Miley Cyrus. Though she still plays with her Barbies from time to time, she's way more interested in chatting with her friends on the phone and listening to the Jonas Brothers. Having her birthday party this week really made it all a reality. She's growing up. And that's okay, I know it happens but at the same time it's hard. It's hard to watch any of them grow up but to see them morph before our very eyes from a child to a teen is both a blessing and a curse all at the same time.

A blessing because I see that she is truly a young lady that desires to love others and to treat them the way she wants to be treated. She's honest and trustworthy. But at the same time its a curse to see them move from that innocent faith to the questioning doubts. I wish we could bottle them up at age 5 and keep them in that stage forever. But there are so many amazing things that come with watching our children grow, learn, mature, and develop into beautiful children of God. And I guess that's the full circle.

Yes she's growing.

Yes she's soon to be a teen.

But my prayer is that she'll always have faith like a child, a child of God.

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